Eastpoint Ventures’ senior professionals have extensive experience in providing financial and strategic advice to technology companies and their shareholders. With offices in Paris, Hong Kong and Beijing, we explore the complementarities of the European and Chinese markets.

Eastpoint Ventures provides financial advisory services with a focus on emerging or early-stage companies. We offer a broad range of services for our clients:

- Capital Raising: We help start-ups to raise capital to finance their development at all stages, from seed money to growth equity. We can assist the company in writing the proper documentation to allow venture capital or private equity investors to appreciate their value proposition. We assist in the completion of the transaction. Eastpoint Venture has established relationships with Tier 1 VCs in Europe and China and understands their requirements and investment targets.

- Transaction Advice: Thanks to our industry knowledge and network, we assist clients and their lead investors to qualify acquisitions and exit targets and lead transaction negotiations.

- Due Diligence: We assist clients and VCs and other lead investors in evaluating markets, technology and competitive advantages in those industries where we have deep understanding. We can also serve as independent chairpersons or board members for technology companies.


Eastpoint Ventures has extensive experience and networks in the fields of electronic transactions, particularly in growing markets such as (i) transport and parking systems, (ii) ticketing, (iii) new payments systems (NFC and dongles to interface with smart phones), (iv) dual interface cards for banking, biometric systems,  (v) new contactless products for security and ID applications, and (vi) RFID tag applications.

In the field of electronic transactions, Eastpoint Venture has gathered an impressive team of high profile consultants who have managed the world’s leading companies in their fields.

We provide consulting to help companies address strategic issues including identifying players, finding partners (in China for European companies and vice versa), challenging the product road-map, defining adequate business development plans, etc.

Our team of consulting partners is described here.