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Eastpoint Ventures assisted GMX S.A.S. in a successful €4M capital raising

GMX raised €4M to provide working capital to fund its rapid growth.

GMX is a Paris-based company created in 2006 whose expertise lies in professional mobility, electronic payment, security and e-ID, and in developing innovative products for mobile professionals (

GMX’s YouTransact devices are unique in the market, integrating characteristics and knowledge from the worlds of PDA, payment terminals and smartphones.  Its high-end SK-20 Bio device is a pocket sized finger-print reader.  This range are fully secured devices, making them ideal solutions for Access Control, Identification, Enrolment and Banking operations

GMX’s YouCube product line is a “dongle” solution for merchants who want to accept card payment anywhere, anytime, and who want to offer additional services to their customers. YouCube is MPOS connected through Bluetooth to a mobile device and which can read magnetic strips and chip & pin cards.

GMX’s revenues grew from €1 Mn in 2012 to €4 Mn in 2013 and the company forecasts revenues to double in 2014 to € 8 Mn.

ASK SA Successfully Completes its IPO and Listing on the Paris Stock Exchange

July 3, 2014

ASK has completed a successful initial public offering 28 months after Eastpoint Ventures acquired a significant stake in the company.  ASK listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext) in an IPO that also raised €21 million.

The transaction and valuation achieved represents an outstanding return for EPV and its fund holders.

ASK is the leading supplier of RFID contactless and dual contact/contactless tickets to the European transportation industry, as well as a leading supplier to the global transportation industry.

ASK is also a world leader in identity solutions such as biometric passports, driving licenses and ID cards.  ASK supplies passports to an increasing number of countries including the United States, France, and Greece.

EPV remains a shareholder of ASK and actively supports the company where we can, particularly with respect to introductions to Asian investors and potential partners / customers.

ASK will use the proceeds from the capital raise to continue to rationalize its manufacturing facilities, increase its research & development programs and lower its cost of working capital funding through an enhanced balance sheet.

 The IPO was led by BryanGarnier, a France-based investment bank specializing in mid-cap technology companies.

For more information on ASK, please visit their site at

If you would like to receive a copy of an analyst report prepared by BryanGarnier in connection with the IPO please contact us (not available to residents of the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia nor to US Persons).

How can mobile payments help your business stand out

The payment ecosystem is going through an extensive revolution mainly due to the success of mobile communications.   Payment terminals and bank cards are still mainstream but lots of alternative ways to pay for goods and services are emerging: wallets, NFC, MPOS….  MPO stands for mobile payment and is actually generating a lot of attractive business models around the globe. How can mobile payments help your business stand out Written By: John McMalcolm The advancement of technology has made many aspects of human life more convenient and efficient, and one of the improvements that have benefited both consumers and businesses is mobile payment. If you are a business owner, you can gain an advantage over your competitors by implementing a mobile payment system. What are Mobile Payments? Mobile payments refer to payments that are made via mobile devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and others. These payments can be made from anywhere, and they eliminate the need for consumers to be present at certain locations to pay for their purchases with cash or credit cards.  

Warwick Warp appoints EPV’s Bruno Moreau as Chairman

Warwick Warp Ltd, a UK-based developer of novel fingerprint recognition technology is pleased to announce the appointment of Bruno Moreau as Chairman, effective immediately.
Bruno joins Warwick Warp from ASK S.A, a world leader in the area of contactless transport cards (Navigo, Oyster etc.) and also in identity solutions such as biometric passports, driving licenses and ID cards. Under Bruno's leadership, ASK grew to a €33m turnover business with over 400 employees at its head office in France and its five subsidiary companies worldwide. ASK created a unique, patented technology for contactless card production and Bruno was responsible for establishing industrial and commercial partnerships around the world as well as raising finance from both European and Asian venture capital companies. A graduate of Supelec (ESE), Bruno is a highly experienced sales, marketing and business development professional in the area of identity management, including contactless transport cards and biometric solutions. Prior to setting up ASK where he was both co-founder and CEO, Bruno was Deputy Director of Innovatron, where he was responsible for developing new projects using smart card technology. He then became General Manager of the venture capital firm Innovatron Smart Card Ventures which invested in a range of smart card technologies throughout Europe. An experienced entrepreneur, Bruno has also co-founded both Forma Systemes, a company that computerised French companies abroad and also Logicam which developed smart card projects. Commenting on Bruno’s appointment, Terry Swainbank, Investment Director of Synergis Technologies, part of the Porton Capital Group, the lead investor into Warwick Warp said “I am delighted that Bruno has joined Warwick Warp. As a successful serial entrepreneur, Bruno brings with him a strong commercial background and this, together with his extensive knowledge of the identity management sector, his experience in successfully closing deals and building small businesses makes him a valuable addition to the Warwick Warp team”. Bruno Moreau stated “I am pleased to be joining Warwick Warp at this exciting time and hope that my skills will contribute significantly to such an innovative team as the Company enters the next phase of its development”.

Eastpoint Ventures acquires a significant interest in privately-owned ASK SA

Eastpoint Ventures has made its initial VC investment in the digital payments and secured ID industry.  EPV has acquired a greater than 10% interest in ASK SA.  ASK, a French company, is the leading supplier of RFID contactless and dual contact/contactless tickets to the European transportation industry, as well as a leading supplier to the global transportation industry. ASK is also a world leader in identity solutions such as biometric passports, driving licenses and ID cards. EPV was able to react quickly to the opportunity to acquire an attractive stake in a technology leader due to Bruno Moreau’s knowledge of ASK gained through prior involvement as a founder, CEO and director.  Bruno will become a board member of the restructured ASK SA. It is EPVs expectations that ASK will maintain its leadership, through product innovation, in the transport industry, and increase its participation in the secured ID and banking solutions sectors.

Bruno Moreau joins Eastpoint Ventures

BRUNO MOREAU JOINS EASTPOINT VENTURES--- WILL LEAD A BUSINESS INITIATIVE FOCUSED ON DIGITAL PAYMENTS AND RELATED TECHNOLOGIES On March 1, 2012 Bruno Moreau joined Eastpoint Venture, as a Principal. Bruno will lead an important business initiative under which Eastpoint Venture intends to offer corporate advisory services to companies developing innovative products and services addressing the rapidly evolving digital payments and related technologies.  Eastpoint Ventures' activities were previously incorporated within Eastpoint Capital SA; however, the group has decided that Eastpoint Ventures will have a focus on digital payments and security, including fund raising and advisory services. Eastpoint Venture is in the process of establishing a venture capital fund to invest, alongside clients and other partners, in the same type of companies. While Bruno will be assisted by the other Principals in these endeavors, he will be managing the build-out of this initiative and taking the lead in business development. Bruno has a 30-year background as an engineer, manager, founder and CEO in companies across a broad range of sectors within this industry, including RFID applications to contactless ticketing, document security, personal identification and digital payment technologies. He has been involved in the financing of a number of start-up entities, the most recent being ASK, a Nice-based RFID products supplier which is the leading supplier of RFID contactless and dual contact / contactless tickets to the European transportation industry and a leading supplier to the global industry. During his tenure as CEO, ASK expanded its markets and production capabilities to China, India, Brazil and the United States. Additional information regarding the contents of this announcement may be obtained by contacting us at